The design basis of this logo is the core concept of the enterprise "together to reach." The whole logo structure consists of four pixels, the middle of the oval on behalf of the company's organizational structure, equipment, property, corporate culture, management system and other hardware and software; upper and lower arc on behalf of employees and shareholders; red dot on behalf of the company's customers , She like the sun, illuminating our company, the above four elements constitute the business philosophy, quality policy, the middle of the blank points that the company's point of view we need to continue to keep aggressive and pioneering. "He Da" new logo to reflect the successful cooperation between the "up to" a win-win results.


The upper and lower arcs of the mark and the middle ellipse form the capital letter "H". And the combination of the middle ellipse and the red dot resembles the lowercase "d". As a result of this enterprise brand "Highdart Heda" name cleverly integrated into the logo. Blue on behalf of science and technology, on behalf of mature, on behalf of wisdom, on behalf of peace. Red represents passion, on behalf of the progress, on behalf of harmony, on behalf of prosperity.


The graphic structure of the entire logo is a planar perspective of a wheel. In order to reflect the business of the industry and the characteristics of the enterprise's products; and this symbol is like a bright eyes, that red dot is reflected in the eyes of bad traffic, or a car failure, or other security , Always remind the full security driving, so that the other side of the full security; with the wind when you will see a round of curl of the plane icon, whirlwind on behalf of fast, let us serve as a whirlwind into everyone's heart; Strong people to see this sign, will see a rolling wheel in the rapid, so you ride on the road; thoroughly understand the purpose of the service and the characteristics of the product described.

Design results:


Logo is to build and shape the corporate image of the core elements, is the corporate image and image of the image of the concentrated expression. And this logo simple shape, easy to use, easy to remember, dynamic, more rich connotation. Effectively convey the enterprise's industry and product characteristics at the same time also conveyed the core concept of the enterprise and service purposes. This symbol in the new image of the promotion and publicity process, will bear the important task.